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  2. 1982-05-19 Dr. Frank is known to many of you as author of several books and articles on tropical subsistence farming. He works at the Mayaguez Institute of Tropical Agriculture (USDA) in Puerto Rico. Currently his research centers around sweet potato improvement for the tropics. We recently received from...  
  3. 1982-05-19 Many of you are familiar with the book Under-exploited Tropical Plants with Promising Economic Value. In the early 1970s , the U.S. National Academy ofSciences surveyed scientists around the world to determine which plants had the greatest potential for introduction to other tropical countries....  
  4. 1992-06-19 Recipe for making catsup (ketchup) from squash.  
  5. 1992-06-19 A method for using the fruit ("apple") to which the cashew nut is attached.  
  6. 1992-06-19 More discussion on consumption of Velvet Beans.  
  7. 1993-10-19 The following is abstracted from information provided by Noel Vietmeyer with the USA National Academy of Sciences which appeared in the June 1993 issue of Spore Magazine.. "Throughout the developing world boiled starchy grains and roots are given as weaning food.... Boiled starch is so thick and...  
  8. 1993-12-19 Information about the possibility of using egusi seeds to produce a milk substitute.  
  9. 1994-07-19 Dried Moringa leaves have significant amounts of beta carotene.  
  10. 1994-10-19 Information regarding Quinoa.