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  1. Key Resource Despite the incredible diversity of useful plants that exist, a small handful of crops feed the majority of the world and millions of people still suffer from malnutrition and poverty. This talk will discuss some often overlooked crops that have the potential to alleviate suffering through...  
  2. Traditional water treatment using moringa seeds only removes 90 – 99% of pathogens while allowing fouling of the water over time.Over the past seven years Dr. Velegol’s research group has created an innovative and sustainable process that solves these two problems.When crushed seeds are added to...  
  3. Eric Toensmeier conducts a workshop in 2012 @ ECHO-Florida highlighting some of the 4000+ plants grown on the ECHO Global Farm in North Fort Myers, FL. For more from Eric Toensmeier, check out http://carbonfarmingsolution.com/  
  4. Human eating behaviors vary widely with the resources available and beliefs about which types of foods lead to good health. This talk will address ways to evaluate the resources, beliefs, and nutritional health of communities. In addition, the situations in which the addition ofMoringa oleifera...