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  1. 'Braxton' is developed for temperate areas, and is worth attempting in high altitude locations.
  3. 'White' tepary beans are noted as ECHO's most drought-tolerant variety.
  4. 'Red Maradol' is an open pollinated variety that produces fruit when very young and short. Fruits are firm and keep well. This improved variety was selected for productivity and deep red flesh. ‘Red Maradol’ may produce fruit in as little as 7 months after planting.
  6. 'Haba' is a lima bean from Dominican Republic that is highly sought after. It grows well and is productive even in poor soils. Ivory colored seeds with purple mottling.
  7. A medium to tall tree that produces sweet, creamy fruits. Fruits are green when mature.
  9. 'Tan/Grey' tepary beans are wilt tolerant and resistant to blight and rust.
  10. 'PKM-1' was selected for bushier growth. Produces more heavily than other oleifera species. Eat leaves like spinach; young pods cooked like asparagus.