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  1. 1965-03-01 Circular no. 905 discusses how to construct a greenhouse using polyethylene sheet film instead of glass. 55 pages, illustrated, photos  
  2. ECHO Developmental Notes provide ideas or concepts to enhance food productionand daily living solutions for underdeveloped areas. 1 volume of issues, separate page numbers 2 copies  
  3. Aflatoxins are the source of both poor health and poor livelihood outcomes. In order to support smallholder farmers in developing countries, it is important to equip them with the knowledge, practices, and access to technology that will allow for proper and effective aflatoxin management. 6...  
  4. Opciones para los agricultores de pequeña escala es un libro lleno de opciones prácticas para aquellos que trabajan para ayudar a los agricultores a pequeña escala y jardineros urbanos en los trópicos y subtrópicos, muchos que luchan para producir suficiente comida para sostener a sus familias. ¿...
  5. A collection of plant data that details principal use, general information, adaptability and uses.  
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  7. 28 pages Circular 242-G  
  8. A collection of information on Florida Oaktrees. Undetermined page, illustrations, pictures  
  9. This book covers the agriculture and nutritive value of yams, and also their medicinal, economic and anthropological importance. It is intended to bring together the findings of recent research, hitherto almost inaccessible to the student, and to correct certain misconceptions which are presently...  
  10. This Agrodok booklet has been published by Agromisa Foundation. We hope that the information given in this booklet will help people in developing countries in preventing malnutrition among young children. 2 Copies