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  1. 1965-03-01 Circular no. 905 discusses how to construct a greenhouse using polyethylene sheet film instead of glass. 55 pages, illustrated, photos  
  2. A collection of plant data that details principal use, general information, adaptability and uses.  
  3. 28 pages Circular 242-G  
  4. A collection of information on Florida Oaktrees. Undetermined page, illustrations, pictures  
  5. As a biological low input production system, alley cropping should be a preferred production technique in developing countries where shortages of foreign exchange prohibits the importation or use of large quantities of inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides.  
  6. This booklet is designed to help people identify which plants are best suited for specific tropical sub climates. Each section describes the uses, methods of cultivation, advantages, and disadvantages of five of the best plants for that region. In English and Spanish No page numbers  
  7. Opciones para los agricultores de pequeña escala es un libro lleno de opciones prácticas para aquellos que trabajan para ayudar a los agricultores a pequeña escala y jardineros urbanos en los trópicos y subtrópicos, muchos que luchan para producir suficiente comida para sostener a sus familias. ¿...
  8. This basic booklet can be seen as a first-aid kit for those who live in isolated places and cannot easily diagnose a disease or have an analysis made of feed quality.  
  9. This manual discusses different methods of rain water harvesting - mortar jar, brick jar, and partially below ground tank. Also included are directions for the manufacture of the tank, tank cover and tank pump. ...  
  10. A publication on Macuna divided into general info, production, food prep, forage/feed, newsletter, and phytochemistry. 1 notebook 2 copies