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  1. Cette publication est le chapitre 1 de livre Options Agricoles pour les Agriculteurs de Petite Echelle est un livre rempli d'options pratiques pour ceux qui travaillent pour aider les petits agriculteurs et les jardiniers urbains dans les régions tropicales et subtropicales, dont beaucoup ont du...  
  2. A publication on Macuna divided into general info, production, food prep, forage/feed, newsletter, and phytochemistry. 1 notebook 2 copies  
  3. A collection of plant data that details principal use, general information, adaptability and uses.  
  4. The positive results achieved by developing modern agriculture in a desert region, can be mainly attributed to the human factor and a successfully managed Agriculture Regional research and development system, a system producing applied know-how and agro-techniques, as well as infrastructure and...  
  5. 1985-05-01 Proceedings of an IBSRAM Inaugural Workshop, Bangkok, Thailand 42 pages, tables  
  6. 2007-03-01 This book features both common and hard-to-find fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and bamboo for Southwest Florida. It includes fruiting trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, fruiting vines, brambles, tropical vegetables, herbs, spices, bamboo, tropical and subtropical fruit tree ripening chart,...  

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