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  1. It is the purpose of this paper first of all to discuss from a theoretical standpoint a system of raised bed gardening that may be appropriate for use within the Amazon basin. Following this there is a discussion of the lessons learned as this system was employed.  
  2. This circular examines 25 Florida farmers' garden records or budgets, and shows that, on average, and excluding family labor costs, farmers save $575 per garden by growing their own. Using individual farmers' gardening plans and budgets, we also compare an expensive garden, in which the farmer...  
  3. Notebook with various page numbered sections, illustrated  
  4. 1983-06-19 I first read of this method of gardening in Organic Gardening magazine where it was referred to as permanent mulch gardening. My reaction was that there must be something wrong with anything so easy or everyone would be using it. But our garden has performed so exceptionally well with so little...  
  5. 1993-12-19 More information about using Moringa seeds for water treatment.  
  6. 1994-01-01 Educational chart project developed by Jan Powell, Ray McNeilan, JR & Associates, Consulting No page numbers, illustrated  
  7. 1996-07-19 Solar water disinfection can be used to reduce bacteria counts in small volumes of drinking water at the individual household level.  
  8. 2000-06-20 A report on the work of Nikolaus and Gabriele Foidl with Moringa in Nicaragua.  
  9. 2001-07-20 After the publication of our article on clay water filters (EDN71-4), we were questioned about the safety of colloidal silver.  
  10. 2004-04-20 Filtering water through old clothes can effectively remove many of the copepods (a type of zooplankton) that carry cholera-causing bacteria. Researchers from the University of Maryland, College Park, did a study in Bangladesh comparing the effectiveness of old saris and nylon filters for...