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  1. Compiled by ECHO, this covers the topics of agroforestry with information on making an a-frame level, contour farming, alley cropping, SALT system, and general information on farming hilly land. no page count, illustrations, photos  
  2. Fish farming is a practical pplication to food production, of limnology and freshwater biology; and that, in itself, is justification for a small book for those interested in natural history, and in the use of natural resources.  
  3. The world's only popular journal devoted exclusively to Kiwifruit and Hardy Kiwifruit. Discover how to successfully grow kiwifruit and its hardy relatives. Practical details on planting, trellising, pruning, training, fertilizing, organic growing, and propagation.  
  4. A listing of plants by names, brief description, climatic adaptation, fields, suitability for special purposes, culture, and toxic characteristics. No page numbers  
  5. In this book the reader will obtain information of value for rational management of the africanized bees.  
  6. Includes cultural method of pest control, biological pest control, encouraging predators, and botanical pest control. No page numbers, illustrated  
  7. This publication includes an article from EDN #123 with additional pictures from Bill & Gerry Cotton's garden.  
  8. This booklet is designed to help people identify which plants are best suited for specific tropical sub climates. Each section describes the uses, methods of cultivation, advantages, and disadvantages of five of the best plants for that region. In English and Spanish No page numbers  
  9. Included in this report is the documentation of indigenous annual and perennial vegetable crops, seed germination and vigor, and seed pathways and "germplasm gatekeeper". Additional objectives include facilitation of the exchange, preservation and dissemination of important genetic resources...  
  10. Huanglongbing (HLB) or citrus greening, first observed more than a hundred years ago in Asia, is the most serious disease threat to the citrus-growing industry worldwide due to its complexity, destructiveness, and incalcitrance to management. First detected in Florida in 2005, HLB is now...