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  1. 1994-07-19 Nitrogen fertilizer should not be applied to trees and shrubs directly after transplanting.  
  2. 1994-07-19 Go Easy With Fertilizer After Transplanting Trees and Shrubs. Removing Salts From Container Grown Plants Moringa and Carotene What About Rhizobia Inoculants? Tomatoes Resist Flooding if Grafted To Eggplant. A Method For Keeping Rats Away From Oil Palms  
  3. 1997-01-19 Information about making bonemeal fertilizer from animal bones.  
  4. 1997-11-19 Discussion of possible disease organisms in manure. Many of us probably assume health problems originate when food is washed with contaminated water or because of poor human hygiene. However, it could also come from the use of manure as a fertilizer in the field.  
  5. 2004-04-20 Terra preta is very productive soil with long-lasting fertility—unusual in the tropics, where most soils are very weathered, highly acidic, and low in organic matter and essential nutrients. The key to terra preta soils long-term fertility seems to be charcoal; terra preta contains up to 70 times...  
  6. 2004-07-01 We read an article in Appropriate Technology (Volume 28, No. 3; July/September 2001) about farmers in Niger who used bottle caps to distribute tiny amounts of fertilizer. Despite drought conditions, farmers who used this technique harvested 50 to 100 percent more millet than those who did not.  
  7. 2005-01-20 Maradi Integrated Development Project has forced me to question the wisdom of assuming that increases of organic content and fertility are always best.  
  8. 2005-07-20 Joel Matthewsreceived some feedbackabout his comments on low fertility soil and traditional varieties in EDN 86. In response, he sent the following additional comment.  
  9. 2008-07-20 Farmers in Nigerused bottle caps to distribute tiny amounts of fertilizer in each planting hole. Coca cola bottle caps hold 6 grams (0.2 oz) of fertilizer, and one capful was used for two to three plants.  
  10. 2010-04-01 Faidherbia albida exhibits reverse leaf phenology, losing its leaves at the beginning of the rainy season just as farmers want full sun for their crops. While most other species flower before or during the rains, the apple ring acacia flowers and leafs out at the end of the rainy season providing...