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  1. This presentation gives an introduction to different low-cost seed storage options for small-scale farmers.  
  2. 2022-03-18  
  3. 2022-04-08 This presentation shows the importance of considering other means of feeding livestock, components of different feed requirementsfor different livestock (pigs, poultry, fish, ruminants), and how to perhaps develop a fully nutritious and cost efficient on-farm feed.  
  4. 2022-04-08 This presentation helps to help prevent the spread of the African Swine Fever Virus and other illnesses that can impact livestock. Good planning and consistent execution of biosecurity measures can help reduce the risk to livelihoods dependent on livestock.  
  5. 2022-05-19 This is an introductory overview of Integrated Pest Management as a management system and includes a summary ofprevention, cultural, physical, biological, and chemical controls.  
  6. 2022-05-19 A quick overview of the different categories of common crop pests and diseases, and tools for identifying them.  

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