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  1. 2010-01-01 Notebook, various paged sections, tables  
  2. 2010-01-20 Carrots are normally biennial (life cyclecompleted the second year after planting seeds) and require a period of cold temperatures (vernalization) for flowering and subsequent seed production to occur. So any variety that readily sets seed in a single growing season in warm climates would be of...  
  3. 2010-01-20 To answer questions about rights to resources in your community, you need to understand the ways people claim and own resources in your region. Ownership defines who can do what with different resources. Four questions that need to be answered.  
  4. 2010-01-20 Important Trees of Haiti byJoel Timyan, a 418-page book, is now available on the Internet at the USAID Development Experience Clearinghouse (DEC). An electronic PDF copy of the book can be accessed by clicking on the link pdf.usaid.gov/pdf_docs/PNACA072.pdf  
  5. 2010-01-20 We at ECHO are sometimes asked what we recommend for a germination medium in situations where seeds or seedlings need to be started in pots or plastic sacks before going out to the field. This past summer, we conducted a trial at ECHO to make and evaluate potting mixes that could serve as...