1. This is a comprehensive manual on the biology, economic impact and control tactics for the silverleaf whitefly.
  2. 1987-01-01
  3. 1994-01-01 This book lists some important, common, and potential pests of vegetables in the Southeastern United States including how to manage and control these pests.
  4. This book combines elements of general entomology and modern priciples of insect pest management with the hope of promoting improved pest control siklls and a better appreciation of insects and their role in our environment.
  5. This paper presents basic information on the biology of most insect pests of rice and describes the damage inflicted by them.
  6. This book deals with insects and other pests of sweet potato, in the context of a pest management perspective. The major pests of sweet potato are surveyed and the available knowledge about the pests is analysed. The book contains an impressive global perspective. The authors point to the lack of...