World Agroforestry Centre

This toolkit has been developed to provide information on sustainable production of seeds and seedlings of agroforestry species.
The prime objective of the toolkit is to provide information and examples of how the quality of seeds and seedlings can be maintained from collection to field planting for the great diversity of agroforestry species that are useful to small-scale farmers. The toolkit was developed recognizing the wide range of actors and stakeholders that are involved in scaling-up agroforestry systems. Its format is designed to answer the questions that various actors may have in relation to seed production. The toolkit is based on a review of existing documentation and extension materials on seed production. Useful references to augment the toolkit information are also provided.

This toolkit complements existing materials on seed production in two fundamental ways. Firstly, it provides information on how joint strategies can be made by the various actors and stakeholders in scaling-up tree planting in defined regions. Secondly, it explores in further detail the option of developing sustainable systems that provide quality material by involving the private sector in seed production. The final section of the toolkit primarily focuses on tree nursery management