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The principles proposed by Ernst Götsch are put here in a sequence only to facilitate reading, but they are not placed in a hierarchy of importance. All are fundamental and must always occur at the same time, for agroforests to succeed. The best description would be that of a network - all elements are interconnected. When we implant an agroforest, the absence of any single principle weakens the entire network, acting as a hole through which energy that could be stored in the system instead is lost, causing complications. This becomes reflected in the quality of our agroforestry, and the emergence of short-cycle herbs, "invasive plants" (from previous succession systems), absence of strata, aged plants, diseases, insect outbreaks, low production, are only the symptoms of not completely applying all the principles. For this reason, to understand one principle we often refer to another, for they are all interconnected, almost as if merged into an amalgam.