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By: Rachel Cohen, Heather Yates, and Tim Motis
Published: 2017-10-04

Okra variety trial abelmoschus esculentum abelmoschus caillei  0


A comparison trial of okra species and varieties was conducted at the ECHO farm in North Fort Myers (zone 9a/10b), Florida. Thirteen varieties of Abelmoschus esculentum and two varieties of Abelmoschus caillei were evaluated for pod production and taste. Plants were started from seed in trays, with resulting seedlings transplanted to field plots arranged in a randomized complete block design such that each variety was grown/replicated in three plots. Pods were harvested from July through November, 2003. The effect of variety impacted early-/mid- but not late-season pod production.Top-producing varieties during peak pod-producing months, August and September, were Parbhani Kranti, Ever Lucky, Cow Horn and Clemson Spineless. Parbhani Kranti not only yielded well but also ranked highest in taste tests.