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By: Eduardo Sabio
Published: 2020-05-29


This article is from ECHO Asia Note # 42

Dear ECHO Asia network members,

It is my utmost gratitude to touch-base with you amidst this COVID-19 pandemic, and to extend my best wishes in behalf of the ECHO Asia team! I also hope that all of you are healthy and safe from the threats of the pandemic.

For the last two months, ECHO Asia adopted preventive and precautionary measures against the pandemic compelling us to suspend all our activities at the ECHO Farm. However, at this time, I am very pleased to inform you that our operations will resume normally starting 01 June 2020. We look forward to welcoming you again at our Farm through your visits, tours and trainings.

Recently, we launched an on-line evaluation survey of the Asia Notes, this publication that you are reading now. It is so amazing and heart-warming how many interesting and insightful feedback were generated by this survey. We owe you gratitude and allow me to express our sincere thanks to those who responded to this study.

As you know, ECHO Asia endeavors continuously to reach-out with our network members as exemplified by this publication, the Asia Notes. We aim to strengthen the bond or glue of this network. Along this purpose, one of the objectives we set forth this year and the years to come is to facilitate “active linkages and collaboration among members of the ECHO Asia Network.” I enjoin you to send your ideas, suggestions or recommendations about initiatives, events or activities that would help achieve said objective. Please feel free to send your inputs through my email: esabio@echocommunity.org 

I look forward to hearing from you and wishing you all success!

Eduardo A. Sabio, Ph.D.

Director, ECHO Asia