Tree Tomato Cyphomandra betacea

Tree tomatoes are small, half-woody, fast growing, brittle shallow-rooted trees reaching 10-18 ft (3-5.5 m) in height that are native to South American highlands. Argentine seed was first imported into the U. S. in 1913.

Watermelon Citrullus lanatus

The writings of Dr.David Livingston, medical missionary and explorer of Africa during the mid 1800’s, report that he saw Watermelon growing in semi-desert districts of that country. Earlier records prove that it had been a part of people’s diet for 4,000 years. Watermelon is a vine...

Wild Cucumber Cyclanthera pedata

Along with beans and corn, squashes were a principle crop of the Incas, Mayas and Aztecs. This Wild Cucumber is a local variety that is important only in some warm areas of Mexico, the Caribbean and South America. Squashes are now popular throughout the world though nowhere are they a major crop....

Bunching Onion Allium fistulosum

Bunching onions are perennial (often grown as an annual), and are similar in taste and smell to their relative the common onion, Allium cepa. Though some cultivars have a slightly-thickened base (pseudostem), bunching onions rarely form bulbs. Thus, they are eaten as a green onion.