We start our days early due to the heat of the desert, break during the hot hours of the day, and wrap up in the evenings when it gets a bit cooler. There are a variety of different things we have in store for you, some of which are:

  • Soil enhancement through organic soil amendments, composting, mulching, green manure, and minimal till farming.
  • Applications of vermiculture & uses of E.M. technologies
  • Drip irrigation technology – design, layout, implementation, and maintenance
  • Water quality and storage: capture and conservation methods
  • Agroforestry: principles, design & implementation
  • Organic farming: principles, ethics, design, and implementation
  • Introduction to permaculture design philosophy
  • Vertical garden bag farming
  • Rehabilitation and development of pasture: grass identification, seed collection, and importance of re-seeding natural rangelands
  • Intensive fodder production
  • Integrated Pest Management: identification and control of diseases & pests using biological controls
  • The development of value chains: aloe, moringa, medicinal, and timber tree cultivation
  • Nursery practice: germination, propagation, budding & grafting of fruit trees, and out-planting of production and indigenous tree species