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Upcoming events

Postharvest Technology of Horticultural Crops Short Course
Thu, 11 June 2020 » Wed, 29 July 2020

Virtual Conference,

University of California Postharvest Center Online Conference The 2020 course is a great opportunity to upgrade your knowledge and skills at a significantly lower price! This course is a seven-week intensive study of the latest technologies used for handling fruits, nuts, vegetables and ornamentals in California, and the underlying biology principals. The new, interactive, virtual format will include pre-recorded video presentations, weekly live overview, highlights and Q&A sessions...

POSTPONED TBD- Small Scale Fish Culture Workshop: Fish Farming for Food & Profit
Tue, 23 June 2020 » Thu, 25 June 2020

ECHO Asia Small Farm Resource Center & Seed Bank, Thailand

Intro to Soils 1/2 Day Training
Fri, 26 June 2020 » Fri, 26 June 2020

ECHO Asia Small Farm Resource Center & Seed Bank, Thailand

This 1/2 day training will be a broad overview and introduction to some basic soil characteristics: phases (solid, liquid, gas), texture, density, structure, reaction (pH), plant-water relationships, organic matter, and nutrients. After some classroom discussion we will head out to into the ECHO Farm where we will look at soil profiles with different soil horizons to point out textural, color, density, and structural differences. Participants can practice determining soil texture by feel. ...

Small-scale Livestock Management - CANCELLED
Mon, 27 July 2020 » Fri, 31 July 2020

ECHO Global Farm, USA

To safeguard against COVID-19, and the spread of the novel coronavirus, some on-campus ECHO Florida training events have been modified. ·Small-Scale Livestock Workshop, July 27 – 31, 2020 has been cancelled.   Learn about small-scale management of livestock in the tropics during this one week course. ECHO's global farm manages cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, fowl, and rabbits. Learn how to integrate and manage these animals into a tropical farming system.  

ECHO Asia Training in SRI- System of Rice Intensification
Fri, 31 July 2020 » Fri, 31 July 2020

ECHO Asia Impact Center Farm and Seed Bank, Thailand

Latest Resources

Raised and Wicking Beds

Kitchen gardens, easy techniques for home vegetable production

Kitchen gardens, easy techniques for home vegetable production

Kitchen Gardens in Burundi – “the new way to grow vegetables”

Sara Delaney presented at ECHO’s November 2015 International Agriculture Conference. One project she mentioned had remarkable adoption rates, and we thought it would make a good case study to share in EDN. In the course of i...

Keyhole Garden

Sack Garden


Mango is an evergreen tree in the family Anacardiaceae grown for its edible fruit. The mango tree is erect and branching with a thick trunk and broad, rounded canopy. The leaves of the tree are are shiny and dark green. They...

FAO Conservation Agriculture

Conservation Agriculture is a farming system that promotes minimum soil disturbance (i.e. no tillage), maintenance of a permanent soil cover, and diversification of plant species. It enhances biodiversity and natural biologi...


Plant Resources of South-East Asia

Who Will Feed Us? The Industrial Food Chain vs. The Peasant Food Web

The ETC Group, 2017, 3rd edition

Peasants are the main or sole food providers to more than 70% of the world’s people,1 and peasants produce this food with less (often much less) than 25% of the resources – includin...

Small Farms don’t Produce Most the of the Worlds’ Food – But they Could Produce All

Resilience.org, 2019

How much of the world’s food do smallholders produce? by Vincent Ricciardi and colleagues, published in Global Food Security, the researchers estimate that small farms produce “28–31% of total ...